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Rome and S.Peter... The magic city, where you feel the strenght of the Eternity

About me

I started my studies at the University, working as professional Model, then I became an Art historian. I graduated with the highest score at the University La Sapienza, “110 cum Laude, with Ph inHistory of Art, assistant of the professor in Renaissance and Baroque Art”. I am specialized in Roman Archeology, Egyptology and History of Art, from the paleochristian period until the modern Art. I have also a Master in: “Institutional comunication” and the Certificate of “Parliamentary adviser”. I have the license like touristic guide of RomeOfficial guide of Rome” and also as “Tour leader”, this is to work in Italy and abroard. Writer of art, it’s mine the only book printed about the obelisks of Rome, in the last 50 years “The obelisks of Rome”Newton Comptoneditor. I'm the winner of the first prize of the “International Art Critic Prize of Sulmona. I left my signature on more than 350 articles of art, on different newspapers,like “Il Tempo, so I have also the card as journalist. I worked for art exhibitions in Castel S.Angelo. I work lalso in TV, I had my program about art on local tv, for three years, then I work on MotorbikeTv and with documentaries. Liketouristic guide I worked with the best luxory companies of american vips like personal Guide of Rome. I lived in London and I speak english, french and spanish, I'm a beginner of russian, hebrew and arabic.  



What is important for me in my job, is the word, QUALITY. For that, each tour has been created by me, to offer to you, the best of Rome. My knowledgewill help you to enter inside the labyrinth of the Roman history and my role is to give you the instruments to understand, what you see in Romeand what is secret, behind the iconology of any building. Thanks to my creativity, you will discover new fascinating perspectives. Because this city contains inside more than 2000 years of history. Rome is built on the ruins of its glory. The ancient city is under the one where we live, and in some parts, the city is growed up of many meters. In the past they built over, everytime there was a fire. So in some sites, like on the Quirinal hill, we can find ruins more than 17 meters underneathThe ancient Rome is not died, continues to live inside the new one. If now the Colosseum is like a naked building that shows is importance, and is vulnerability, and the Forum looks like a tropheum oscheletons of concrete, is because the mosaics, murbles and basreliefs that in the past were shining there, now are dressing the new buildings of the power: the Vatican. During your time with me, in the private tour of Rome, you will learn that you can read a building as a painting, because also the architecture has got is language, private and secret. Only here you can find a singular marriage of antiquity and mondernity. The bricks of the ancient Rome with their own majesty, suddenly leaves space to secret gardens, in the ones you breath the peace and quietness of the middle age. The buildings of the Renaissance and Baroque, with their beautiful frescoes, of the best artists of the worldlike Michelangelo and Raphael or Caravaggio, will leave you without words.Walking in the little streets of the centre and feeling lost admiring facades and courtyards, it’s amazing. And you feel lucky when from the open doors, you discovery a nympheum inside. Learn to enter in the churches to see paintings and admire the beauty of the harmony. Teach to your self to write impressions and emotions on a notebook, like an artist or a lettered of the past, during his grand tour in RomeBecause that’s your Grand tour of the city, and my natural empathetic character, class and spontaneousenthusiasm will transform strong tour, into a nice walk in the beauty. Every private tour is make to see in Rome the best attractions, jumpinglines at the entrances and to make you happy and priviliged, in an harmonic atmosphere.

I like to guide privates, individuals and families so I can dedicate only to them and to kids, with kindness.

I know what is important to see in Rome so I want to suggest you the best attractions, what to see in Rome, that I inserted in different private tours. 

If you have one day you can't miss the Vatican Tour and the Ancient Rome Tour. I will suggest you also where to go for shopping or a romantic walk, and what you can't miss delicious ice cream after lunch!