We'll jump back to the past! Can you imagine to travel throught the ancient times? That’s amazing! With the Ancient Rome Tour we go back of 2000 years, in the middle of the goldenRome”, when the emperors lived in magnificent palaces on the Palatine hill and normal citizens spent their own daysmaking daily activities in the Forum, or going to have fun in the Colosseumto assist to cruent fights! During the ancient Rome tour, to understand that perfectly,I'll help you with plasters. What we see today in the ancient tour of Rome it is just the interior ofbricks of the ancient temples, basilicas, shops, and palaces of the imperial Rome, but everything was brighting and covered by colorful murblesand mosaics, expression of the richness of the capital of a big Empire.


TIME: 3 Hours, Monday to Sunday

Meeting point: Subwyay station Colosseo Metro B

Daily (We jump the line with prebooked tickets)


Colosseum (including inside)

The Colosseum was built in ten years, by the Flavian family, from 70 to 80 a.C by thousands of slaves. It was built at the place of the artificiallake of Nero's palace, like demagogic action to give back to the romans a part of the city. It's the triumph of the roman architecture, with 80 arches repeated for three floors, and contained inside 50.000 spectators. Expression of the brutality of the past, its seats of murble, were full of people that were waiting to assist cruent fights of animals and gladiators. 


 Palatine Hill

The origins of Roma are there, on the Palatine. Romolo one of the two twins, founded by the legendary shewolf on the banks of the river, in the 753 b.C. made the first Rome on the top of the quiet and safe hill. He founded a prehystoric village, and during the centuries the same place was elected seat of the Emperor. All of them, from Augusto lived there. Today we have monumental and huge rests of the imperial palace. Walking through the giants ruins of a residence of three floors of the ancient rome, is an experience unbelievable, trust me! I will show you a view of the city and the forum below, breathtaking! 


Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was the centre of the political, social, and religious life in the ancient Rome. It was as a big central square of the city. We have to imagine like a big greek “agorà full of temples, to go to pray, basilicas, to meet each others and shops. At the beginning, during the iron age, the Forum was a marshy valley used as necropolis, by the ancient populations that lived on the hills around. During the period of the Etruscan kings (the 7 Kings of Rome) this area was drained, with a sewer “Cloaca maxima”. Really soon, this place become important, because at the centre of the villages around. It become the centre of the life of the ancient Rome.