The Pantheon with the biggest cuple of the World
The Pantheon with the biggest cuple of the World
3) The Main Squares of Rome and the Jewish Ghetto


Starting from the theatre of Marcello, an original building of the I century, we'll cross during the Main Squares tour, the Jewish Ghetto, with thecomunity oldest of Europe, arrived after the 70 a.J. It's really fascinating walking through the real old Rome. During the Main squares tour, we'll see the old temples of the Repubblican age in Largo Argentina, the place where was killed Julius Ceaser, and where now kids have fun watching cute cats families!  We'll see masterpieces as the Pantheon of Hadrian, with thebiggest dome never built in the history, and Navona Square with the beautiful fountain of the Four Rivers, artwork of the Baroque of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. From there we'll arrive to Trevi Fountain and the Spanish steps, discovering domes, ceilingscourtyard.


TIME3 Hours, Monday to Sunday

Meeting point: Your hotel or Piazza Venezia.

Theatre of Marcello

Second theatre of the city capitol of the Empire, after the biggest one of Pompeo, this place for comedies and shows, expression of the daily life in Rome, was started by Julius Ceaser and finished with Augustus in the 11 b., dedicate then, to his nephew assassinated: Marcello. With41 arches in each of the three floors, contained 15.000 spectators. During the middle age was transformer into a fortress, and after in theresidence of a nobile family.

Jewish Ghetto and Sinagogue (if requested also inside with ticket

The oldest jewish comunity of Europe is in Rome, arrived after the distruction of the Templeof Salomon in Jerusalem, and the conquered of Israel as colony, by the Romans in the 70 a.C. Before installed on the other side of the river and Tiber island, where now there's “Trastevere“ and was founded an ancient Sinagogue of the century, they moved after on the opposite side of the bank river, that we'll cross together. Created in the 1555 by pope Paul IV, the ghetto was closed by high walls until the 1888, when they where distroyed. In the 1899 was started the construction of the major Temple of Rome, called of the 5 schools, by the architects Osvaldo Armanni and Vincenzo Costa. 


The first Pantheon was built by Agrippa in the 25b. C.but is not the one that we see, rebuilt by Hadrian between the 118-125 a.C. The Pantheon is the only circular temple of the ancient Rome,still well conserved, because during the middle age was transformed into the church, of S. Mary ad Martires. Inside there’s the biggest dome never built, is the largest never realised in the world. There is inside also the tomb of Raphael. 

Navona Square

Ancient stadium of Domitian, I century after Jesus, Navona square is the best example of urban continuity. Transformed in the stage of the Pamphily family, it was for long time a market and a place, to make during the carnival the charriots walks into the water. In the centrethere’s the beautiful “Fountain of the Rivers” , masterpiece of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Spanish Steps

The Main Squares tour ends with the scenographic staircase of the rococò time, of Francesco De Sanctis built like a theatre, where the actors are the people…so: us.