Second World War Tour

A real trip inside the dark pages of the second world war. We'll see during the Second world war tour the authentic places where partisans and americans fighted and died for the freedom. Emotional and rich of value, this tour is special. 

TIME: 4 Hours Monday to Sunday. In this a tour we’ll have the driver–Rome_American_Cemetery_and_Memorial




Museum of Anzio

The Second world war tour starts in the place closed to Romeon the coast, where the 22 January 1944 the american allied landing: Anzio. This moment rapresents the beginning of the renaissance, and the end of a nightmare for the italian population. Inside the Museum of Villa Adele, we can see uniforms, weapons, medals and pictures of the Second world war.

American cemetery of Nettuno

It's impressive: quietness, sadness and memory in the green. A big war cemetery with 7.861 tombsof american militaries, died in Anzio, Rome and Sicily during the liberation of Italy from Germany. 

Fosse Ardeatine

The 24 March of 1944, 335 italians, men and women, were killed without any piety on this site at the gate of the city. It was the answer of the terrible general Kappler to the partisans' bomb of Via Rasella. Fosse Ardeatine is the expression of the bestiality, cruelty and inhumanity of the german occupation in Rome.

Via Rasella

That’s the street, where the 23 march 1944 the italian partisans killed 33 german solders. medicine student put a bomb in the street creating the explosion, the answer of the germans was terribile. General Kappler ordered the execution of 33italians, that happened in the Fosse Ardeatine

Mussolini's villa and bunkers

Italy's largest air-raid shelter , built between 1942 and 1943 to protect Benito Mussolini and his family in the private residence of Villa TorloniaThe bunker was excavated to a depth of six meters and a half under the square in front of the Casino Nobile of the house. It has a floor plan in the shape of a cross and galleries circular section protected by a reinforced concrete roof 4 meters thick . There were three air-raid shelters in total, that Benito Mussolini built : the bunker of Villa Torlonia , in his private residence , the bunker of Piazza Venezia , in his study , and the one ofEUR.

Gestapo headoffice of via Tasso and Museum of the Liberation

That’s the place of the SS head quartes and the prison where many people considered enemy of Germany, were tortured and killed by SS troops.