The Smallest Country of the World is the Temple of the Italian Art
The Smallest Country of the World is the Temple of the Italian Art
VATICAN TOUR (Jump the Line)

Vatican is the smallest country of the world, it'sinside Rome, but it's not Italy! It's the country of the Pope, and centre of the cristianity. It's full of treasures and masterpieces of art and architetture, priceless! So of every religion you are, or you are not, doesn't matter, that's the home of the italian art! The hand of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, the grace oRaphael and the harmony of the greek classical art, part of the pope collection: will live you without words during the Vatican tour.




TIME: 3 Hours, Monday to Saturday


Meeting point : Entrance of the Vatican Museums, we’ll jump the line with the voucher that I will do for you at the moment oyourbooking of the Vatican tour.


Vatican Museums

With 4 millions of visitors in 1 year the museum take place in the old palace of the Popes, built during the XIV century. Before the residence of the pope during the middle age was the Latheran, S.John in Latheran. In the 1309 the pope was constricted to live Rome for Avignon, in France. He will come back more than 68 years later. And he will choose the vatican hill closed to St.Peter as new scenographic residence. Really soon“Belvedere palace” become the center of a florid court of people, artists and scientists. Now the palace rapresents the biggest collection of antiquities of the world assembled over 500 years of archeological excavations. During the Vatican tour we'll cross the beautiful “Pinecone courtyard” of Bramante, and then rooms andgaleries of the Palace of the renaissance time, full of walls and ceilings of amazing frescoes, to arrive to the Sistine Chapel. There in silence we'll admire the beautiful paintings of Michelangelo on the ceiling, the Genesis” and on the wall behind the altar, the “Final Judgement”. But I will show you as well the frescoes of Botticelli and the fiorentine school on the lateral walls. One time there, we'll go by an authorized passage to S.Peter!

The basilica is the biggest of the world, the dome is the highest with 137 mtInside we'll see the Pietà of Michelangelo, the tomb of Jean Paul II, the altar of G.L.Bernini and the dome of Michelangelo, and other treausers. I preparared a surprise for you so we'll not leave the church without had been underneath at the level of the tomb of Peter. You will see, it's really fascinating!